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Arabian Organize Farewell Party for Mr. Wang Ke

Writer:Song WeijiangNumber of visits: Date:8/17/2015 08:30 AM

    One night, in the control room of Huafeng Weiye Company SA Zawar Project, all the staff were working hard and carefully.
    At that moment, several Arabian went towards the monitor with smile, and then invited Mr. Wang Ke and other staff to a celebrated table for the farewell party.
    Except several personnel for monitoring, the staff as well as the Indian and Pakistani staff came to the table following the owners. And there were various kinds of drinks, cashew nut, date and dessert on the table and a cake with the words ‘Goodbye, Wang Ke’ in the middle of the table.
    The Arabian invited Wang Ke to cut off the first piece of cake, and then shared the cake with other staff.
    All of these were filled with the best regards of these foreign friends.
    Wang Ke was so touched and could not speak anything, and the warm hug from the foreign friends brought the great recognition and appreciation for his work to him and also touched all the people in the party.
    One year ago, Wang Ke, who graduated from I&C of North China Electric Power Technology University came to Saudi Arabia. He took notes of the knowledge of I&C, which also helped the other colleagues a lot. He printed the English materials provided by SIEMENS and made comments in Chinese. He can always answer the questions of the units from the owner patiently.
    Wang Ke was touched, and all the people in the party including the staff from Huafeng Weiye Company, India and Pakistan were touched.
    Granted, the party is got by the great work of Wang Ke, but it also shows the great effort of Zawar Project and the whole Huafeng Weiye Company. SA Zawar Project is the second project undertaken by our company in Saudi Arabia, which includes 5×9F combined circulation unit, 1 single circulation unit and substation, and the total capacity is 3041MW. SEPCOIII is the EPC contractor of the project, and Huafeng Weiye Company undertook the commissioning and O&M works of the project. In August of 2012, the first group of commissioning staff came to the site; in April of 2014, our company took over the temporary O&M work for a part of units; in January of 2015, our company took over the O&M work formally, and Wang Ke was a member of the O&M team.
    Kingdom of Saudi Arabia means the beatific desert in Arabic. However, working in Arabia for a long time is not that happy and easy because of the high temperature and terrible weather. No matter how many difficulties there are, we will still be here, because we are from Huafeng Weiye Company, we are from China.
    This farewell party is normal but also special, because it makes our friendship lasting forever.

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