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Indonesia PLTU Kaltim-Teluk Domestic Training Report (3)

Number of visits: Date:4/19/2015 05:17 PM

Training Situation - Milestone

1. On Dec 2nd, 2014, the owners from Indonesia PLN and Mr. Xue from SINOHYDRO came to the hotel.

2. On Dec 3rd, 2014, the owners from PLN and Mr. Xue visited the training center of Huafeng Weiye Company in Fujian Province.

3. The owners from PLN, Mr. Xue, and Mr. Li Shanggang, Deputy Manager of Huafeng Weiye came to the training center and experienced the boiler training course.

4. The Indonesian, the leaders from SINOHYDRO and Huafeng Weiye, and印the workers of the training center took a group photo together.

    5. Accompanied by Mr. Li, the owners from PLN and Mr. Xue visited the simulating room and watched the practice of boiler water filling. The owners spoke highly of the training work.



    6. Communicating about the unit operation situation in the simulation site.


    7. The leaders from PLN communicated with the trainees and cared about their study and daily life.


    8. The owners from PLN and the leaders of SINOHYDRO and Huafeng Weiye Company were taking the meeting for the training work.



During the Course

 1. Training Schedule

2. The main course of this week is the on-site practical study. Four trainees in I&C disassembled the Autork electronic actuator, and the teacher explained the working principle, structure, advantages and disadvantages to the trainees.

3. The I&C trainees listened to the lecture carefully.

4. The I&C teacher asked question to the trainees and communicated about the course.

5. The trainees asked questions to the simulation teacher, and the teacher answered their questions.

6. In the simulation room, the trainees asked questions to the teacher, and the teacher answered their questions with practical guidance.

7. In the simulation training, the teacher taught the trainees hand by hand to improve their operation level.


8. In order to improve the trainees’ safety awareness in the site, the training center organized the safety knowledge examination for the trainees, which made the trainees to be more acquainted with the on-site safety knowledge and was benefit to the safety production.



Cultural Exchange

1. Visiting Tulou building in Fujian.

2. The tour guide was talking about the scenic spot.

3. Watching the Hakka dancing.

4. Communicating about the Chinese calligraphy with Indonesian.

5. Taking group photo in the Tulou building.

6. Having dinner.


Work plan for the next week.

1. Continue to do the simulation training, training in different major and on-site training.

2. Finish the training summary.

3. Finish the trainees' files management work timely.

4. Logistic work.

5. Other temporary work.

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