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O&M Training Report (20)

Number of visits: Date:4/13/2015 08:52 AM

From January 1st to January 7th, SA RKPP O&M Dept. organized 20th term training for one week which included training for GT operation training, English training and examination, etc. Besides that, it also organized meeting which focus on studying ‘National Power Safety Production on Nov. 2014’.
1. The new employees attended system training which included shift change and related management system, routing inspection, etc.
2. We organized operation staffs attended English training which focus on site application as brief introduction and local communication.
3. We take the domestic load losing as an example to process the emergency treatment training. We organized study and brainstorm for the failure and anti-accident pre-arranged plan and improve operation stability.
4. The operation dept. organized staffs attended training and examination which focus on prevention of generator breakdown accident, DCS protection system of ’25 key points for power production accidents prevention’ on December. 
5. We organized new operation staffs attended professional training and examination. 

System Training

Team Safety Meeting

English Examination

Safety Rules Examination

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