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Huafeng Weiye Company Ebola Prevention and Control Situation (Till 21/08/2014)

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Huafeng Weiye Company paid great attention to Ebola. From August 1st, 2014 to present, the company has been focusing on the development of the disease with great continually. The company especially strengthened the management and supervision of the Nigeria project. The detailed information is shown as follow:


1. On 1st, August, 2014, the head office issued <Notice about Strengthening the Prevention of Ebola> by website, QQ group and E-mail.


2. On 2nd, August, Mr. Zheng Tiansen, the doctor working in the Nigeria Project Staff Hospital organized <Relevant Knowledge of Ebola> from the doctor’s aspect, and gave professional suggestions from the aspects of general situation, originate, pathology, incubation, symptom, prevention and treatment of Ebola.


3. On 8th, August, Mr. Jonathan, President of Nigeria, announced that the whole country was in emergency. So Huafeng Weiye Company Nigeria Project Dept immediately started the emergency plan of preventing Ebola, and issued <Nigeria Project Dept Emergency Plan of Preventing and Controlling Ebola>, No. HFYW-B01-010, and set up the Ebola prevention and control work leading group to lead, guide and coordinate the relevant work within the department. The project department also organized meetings to discuss the important works of preventing and controlling Ebola, and made <Prevention and Control Measures of Ebola>.

The hospital of the project strengthened the surveillance of all staff 24-7, set up the institutions of 24 hours surveillance and shift institution and daily reporting institution, distinguished the symptoms correctly and timely, gathered and organized the information to insure the information channel is impeded and the prevention and control reports are correct and complete. 

The project also paid close attention to the media information to get knowledge of the disease and to update the emergency plan according to the change of the disease to insure the healthy and safety of all staff.


4. On 11th, August, Mr. Ni Jiawei, General Manager of Huafeng Weiye Company and Ms. Sun Xuemei, Admin Manager, took part into the SEPCO III Ebola Emergency Treatment Special Session on behalf of Huafeng Weiye Company. The session was hosted by Mr. Wang Congtai, Deputy Chief Engineer. The SEPCO III General Manager Service Department, S&E Dept, Workers’ Hospital, and Huafeng Weiye Company discussed on the session and comprehensively arranged the work of disease prevention.


5. On 12th, August, Mr. Liang Jiangning, Nigeria Project C&A Manager, reported the Ebola prevention work of the project.


6. On 13th, August, the Nigeria Project reported the daily disease prevention and control situation and site situation to SEPCO III Company and Huafeng Weiye Company headoffice.


7. At 8:00 a.m. of 15th, August, the SEPCO III S&E Dept noticed Huafeng Weiye Company to follow SEPCO III <Special Emergency Plan of Preventing Ebola> and to modify the Ebola prevention emergency plan of the Nigeria project. At 22:52, the Nigeria project reported the new <Special Emergency Plan of Preventing Ebola>.


8. At 12:25 of 16th, August, Mr. Peng Hong, Project Manager, commanded that ‘hand out the issue and strictly follow it; the measures, personnel, goods and materials should be put in place’. Ms. Sun Xuemei transmitted the plan to Mr. Liu Xiangping of SEPCO III S&E Dept and Mr. Lei Chengming of General Manager Service Dept, and also copied to Mr. Wang Congtai, Deputy Chief Engineer, and waited for the feedback. She also noticed to the project to carry out the plan and to be cautious when contacting with the owner.


9. From 16th, August to present day, the situation of the Nigeria project has been going well, and the new emergency plan has been carrying out smoothly. There was no new case in the whole country. And till 20th, August, there was one cured case which brought good news to us.


10. The following daily reports of the disease will be reported by Mr. Zheng Tiansen, the doctor of Nigeria project. If the situation was steady, the Admin Dept of headoffice will not report the information. If got any special situation, the headoffice will continually concern and timely update the information.



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