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Saudi Arabia Rabigh IPP 2×660MW Sub-Critical Oi-Gas-Fired Power Station Project

Fangjiashan2×1000 MW Unit of China Nuclear Power Engineering Operation Management Co.,Ltd

Iraq Salah ad-Din 2×630MW Subcritical Oil and Gas Fired Power Plant

Thailand NPP5A 1x98 MW Steam Turbine Generator Power Plant Project

Saudi Arabia Zwar 12×9F Combined Circulation Combustion Engine Power Plant Project

Guoneng Nangong 1×30 MW Bio-Energy Project

GuonengXunxian County1X30MW Bio-Energy Project

Guoneng Bayan 1×30 MW Bio-Energy Project

Hebei Jiantou Xingtai Thermal Power 2×350MW Unit Cogeneration Project

Oman Salalah combined cycle gas turbine power plant commissioning and performance test technical service project

Fujian Ningde Nuclear Power 2×1000 MW Unit Project

Guodian Sichuan Baima 1×200MW desulfurization project commissioning project

Guodian Xinjiang Karamay 2×350MW ultra-supercritical coal-fired unit

Guodian Friendship 1×30MW Bio-Power Project

Guoneng Awati 1×12MW Bio-Power Project

Guoneng Bayan 1×30 MW Biogenerator Project

Guoneng County 1X30MW Bio-Power Project

Guoneng Gaotang 1X30MW Bio-Power Project

Guoneng County 1X30MW Bio-Power Project

Guoneng Kenli 1X30MW Bio-Power Project

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